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2019: A Journey to the Tender Core

Well folks, we are in for some shifts and changes come 2019, but they are already underway
... can you feel it?

These shifts entail the nodes changing sign from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/ Capricorn, and Jupiter shifting into Sagittarius (its home sign!) from Scorpio (this is happening in a few days, but will be the highlight transits of 2019).  While Jupiter will most definitely bring some relief from more somber, harder times and the nodes will be free from being zapped by Uranus, 2019 will still have its challenges.

Cancer is a very tender, sensitive sign.  A LOT of emotions can and will come out under this transit for better or worse.  Where the nodes are, is the direction our evolution of consciousness wants to take, individually and collectively.  Themes such as home and family, security, comfort, intuition, women, nurturing, support, care, babies, food and feeding, and of course emotions will all be highlighted in 2019.

Sagittarius rules laws and the legal system.  It also rules p…

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